Zenia Lis Jewelry


One of a kind sterling silver, karat gold and colored gemstone jewelry hand fabricated in the USA.

My Process

I have been creating one of a kind artisan jewelry since 2002. I hand fabricate my jewelry in my studio in Ohio, USA. I use quality materials including hand selected colored gemstones and pearls, sterling silver and high karat gold.

I design and hand fabricate every piece in my studio using traditional metalsmithing techniques including soldering, forging, forming and various stone setting techniques.

I deliver my customers high quality, artisan jewelry that is unique, wearable and always deserving of a compliment. My jewelry transitions from casual to business to evening wear. I guarantee every piece to be excellently crafted and created in the USA while using responsible sourcing and recycled metals.

Please inquire if you are looking for a custom piece. I can create heirloom pieces and work with wedding parties.